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It's 9:30pm on a Friday and you have just braved the traffic for the last three and a half hours. All you want to do is walk into your lovely home, have a drink and relax to the sound of well nothing because it's the East End and it's that quiet. Sounds lovely, but that's not the way it always goes... Maybe you walk in to find a leak or no heat or (much more minor, but still annoying) dead batteries in the remote. Now your Friday night is spent solving a problem (and possibly mopping up water) instead of in the relaxed fashion it should be.

Why should you go through any of that? You shouldn't! You should relax and leave that stuff to me. I want you to arrive to your home and have your visit be hassle free. You shouldn't have to scramble to have things fixed, change light bulbs/batteries or brave the Hamptons traffic for groceries. Let me ready things for you so you can enjoy your precious time "out East."

Bi-weekly home checks: A walkthrough of the property and its outbuildings is performed twice a week. These checks include, but are not limited to:

Walk every facet of property (inside and out) to check for any irregularities and to make sure scheduled vendors are following through with tasks.

  • Pool check - heat/filter system and basic chemical levels
  • Turn on all light fixtures (will change bulbs if out)
  • Turn on all water fixtures (testing hot water)
  • Flush all toilets
  • Start all vehicles and drive for a mile
  • Check internet connectivity
  • Check all remotes (will change batteries if necessary)

After each walk through you will be emailed a report of the property's condition and any potential issues that may need addressing.

Check-in and Check-out: These services are tailored to you and your home's needs.

  • Check-in: This can include having lights on, having candles/ fireplace lit, meeting you to receive bags/help unpack, having outdoors cushions out, pool heater on.
  • Check out: This can include taking out trash, cleaning out refrigerator, storing outdoor items (cushions, pool floats, toys), having cars cleaned.

Liaise with vendors: I am available to open your home and stay on site while vendors are on property. Not only will I be a "warm body" I will also check on progress and make sure projects are running smoothly and efficiently.

Grocery shopping: I can stock your fridge with just the essentials or shop for more complicated, specialty items for a party or just a great weekend in.

Errands: Aside from grocery shopping we can run any errand you need including:

  • Gift buying / wrapping
  • Dropping off a car for maintenance
  • Taking your pet grooming/vet visits
  • Farmers market shopping
  • Dry Cleaning Pick-up/Drop-off
  • Private courier

Home organization: I can come in and assist in re-organization any room/nook in your home - bedrooms, pantries, mudroom, closest...

Pool checks: Although we do not do pool cleaning, we can help maintain chemicals, temperature and verify that systems are functioning.

Vacation rental setup: I can setup your vacation rental and "check things out" before you arrive. I can be your eyes on the ground (so to speak) to make sure your rental is up to snuff. You could walk into your perfect rental with the fridge stocked, flowers on the counter, beach floats all pumped up... the only you have to do is apply sunscreen (I Don't Do...).

Vendor recommendations: Although Tide & Thyme does not have vendors on staff I have a large list of vendors who I trust and can recommend - housecleaning, landscapers, plumbing, pool cleaning, construction, handyman services.

Provisioning: Not every vacation is spent on land! I can deliver anything to your boat that you need for a week-long trip or just an afternoon cruise.

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