October 19th, 2015  The fall is all beautiful colors, pumpkin spice and light jackets.  Sounds cozy and happy…until those leaves start falling. Then it’s all raking, backaches and leaf bags.  Apart from hiring someone to do it, there is no way to avoid the leaves, but here are some useful tips and suggestion for leaf-falling season.

First, don’t forget to have fun!  Leaf piles are one of the best parts of fall.  And don’t say that you are too old… you aren’t!  If you have kids they will be thrilled to rake with you if the promise of a leaf pile is part of the deal.  And if there are no munchkins running around your house, grab a friend or a significant other and relive some 5-year-old memories!  Jump in!

And speaking of kids…getting kids in on the action makes the whole experience more enjoyable.  Sure they sometimes make more of a mess than they clean up, but seeing them out there with tiny work gloves and rakes is all worth it.  These are some of my favorite tiny garden items.  Come on, those gnome gloves are so precious!

fall folliageAnd now, down to real business.  After all the fun in the leaves, some real cleaning has to happen.  Here are some thoughts:

Rake choice – There are plastic, metal and bamboo.  I really like metal because I feel that it does the best job at thatching while you rake.  Some people prefer plastic because less gunk gets stuck in the teeth and it is more sturdy at acting like a dust pan to pick up the leaves.  To each his own!

Collecting the leaves – You could go with the old-school way and just rake the leaves into a pile and scoop, but you could also take a more efficient approach and get a leaf tarp.  These are small tarps with dowels on opposite sides.  You rake the leaves into the middle of the tarp, then fold the tarp in half and just pour into your bag.  Awesome!

Bagging it up – Best option, hands own, are those sturdy paper bags.  For one, they stand up on their own so no helper to hold the bag is necessary.  Not to mention, they are biodegradable so no turtles will be potentially be chocking on your leaf bags.  Win, win!

Composting – If you do a lot of planting and want to have some awesome plant food come the spring, leaves make a GREAT composting source.  Did you know that “the leaves of one large shade tree can be worth as much as $50 of plant food”?  I bet you didn’t!  Here are some tips on composting leaves if you decide you don’t want to bag them all up.

Now get out there and clean up so you can come back in for a cozy cup of cocoa or my preference,  a hot cup of glühwein.  Seriously it’s delicious make some.

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Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

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