MAY 23, 2015
Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and so is the season for planting. No matter your planting style – garden full of veggies, large landscaping or lovely pots – it’s time to get those plants into the soil!

flowersProduce gardens are the most timely at the moment, especially if you plan to start your plants from seeds. Seeds are often times more complicated than simply poking a hole in the ground and tossing some in. I learned this the hard way after planting an entire bed of seeds (of varying varieties) without reading instructions first. Who knew beans needed 36” of clearance. Greedy vegetables is what I say!

If you are planning on starting a vegetable garden I suggest mapping out the area you are planting ahead and taking into account how much space each veggie/fruit needs. It would be a shame not to fit in all those fun varieties. There is even an app for that… I found a link to site that discusses the 10 best apps for laying out a garden. I am all over it next year –

And although I spent so much time in the produce garden my real passion is planting pots. I love it. It’s like being in adult arts and crafts class. I go nuts at the nursery buying WAY too much, but I know it will lead to full, interesting pots. I go early one day and dedicate the whole morning to planting. This year I think I planted my favorite pots ever (I say that every year though). My deck is like an oasis and i can’t wait to enjoy it all season long.

So don’t put it off any longer. Get to the nursery and pick up your seed and plants, get on your gardening gloves and spend a glorious day planting and getting dirty. You will be rewarded with a summer full of produce, flowers and beautiful views. If you need me I’ll be on my recliner on my newly planted deck.

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Get Your Hands Dirty…Literally

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